Health Center Hoenderdaal:
“Health Center Hoenderdaal has been using a few Praxtour virtual bikes since a couple of years. To offer our customers the ultimate cycling experience we teamed up with Praxtour. Our experience with Praxtour’s service has been outstanding, any occurring problems are solved quickly to ensure that our customers experience little to no inconvenience.Our customers confirm that Praxtour offers added value to our gym. Customers use the Praxtour to prepare for events such as Alpe d’HuZes or relive their experience of routes cycled in the past. Of course there are also customers who use it just for fun. The Praxtour is used in the winter even more than during the summer as an alternative to cycling outside. All in all, Praxtour has been of great value for our Health Center.”

Remco Sikking, Manager Fitness, Health Center Hoenderdaal

Bouw Sports
“Our sports center has had a Praxtour for a couple of years now. Our customers are very satisfied with the Praxtour bike, both the more and less experienced cyclists.It is an ideal training tool and a challenge to beat yourself or others on a track. Every winter we organize a competition with a mountain or track of the month. For less experienced cyclist is it a nice addition to existing cardio training, the films give a real-life experience and the different levels makes the Praxtour accessible for everyone. I highly recommend it!”

Wim Bouw, Bouw Sports Ermelo

Max Fysio Waalre:
“As our company has cycling running through our veins, we offer a sport-specific programme for the cycling fanatic besides our regular patient care. The skills of our physiotherapist are fully utilized with the performance test, which is able to highlight the weak points of the client. This can result in a therapy or training which will eventually ensure in more power, better position and less injuries on the bike.
The 2 Praxtour bikes currently in our possession are wonderful to discover the limits of our customers and give them advise for optimal results. In the meanwhile, we host team Lotto-Jumbo as they enjoy riding the Cauberg and parts of the Tour de France. In the last couple of years we have also had companies and individuals who want to prepare for events such as Alpe d’HuZes, the Stelvio Challenge or just recently the Tour of Flanders. Cycling outside is obviously preferred, but the Praxtour never gets old.”

Richard Spierings, MaxFysio Waalre, MaxTraining Waalre

Medico Vision (Olympisch stadion)
“Since 2011 we offer our customers Virtual Cyling on the Praxtour. Ideally when the weather is bad or as climbing training during the preparation for mountain stages. It was such a success immediately that we ordered 2 more bikes in 2014. Our collaboration with Praxtour has been fine.”

Mark van der Vecht, Medico Vision.

“I consider the Praxtour to be by far the most amazing equipment in our gym. I notice that when I introduce the Praxtour to our customers, I can find them time and time again on the bike during the next weeks and even months. In my opinion this has to do with the many possibilities the bike offers. For some of our members it even works a little addictive.”

John Bor, Sport Coördinator, Health & Sports Club Valkencourt