Adjusting the resistance
Non-climbers and less-trained cyclists should also be able to enjoy the Praxtour experience and the available route films. Praxtour therefore offers the possibility to adjust the resistance at the start of your journey. This is possible in 4 degrees, ‘Real’, ‘Sport’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Light’, where ‘Real’ simulates the real resistance of the route.niveaukeuze

Several standard cycling workout modules are available to focus on heartbeat, RPM or wattage (power). You can also create your own workout schedule.Training

With ‘TimeRiding’ you can set your own previous results, or those of others, for comparison. In the progress bar on the monitor the differences will be displayed in the form of coloured dots.


Each route is divided into 6 sections. All sections will be active at start-up (blue boxes). Don’t want to ride the entire route? You can simply shorten the route by selecting one or multiple boxes.tussenmeetpunten

All the data collected during your route will be stored and displayed for each segment. Are you fast enough and did you make it to the finish, then you will be displayed in the Top 10.  The results can be exported for data-analysis and uploaded to Strava for example.


With ‘MultiRiding’ up to 4 Praxtour bikes can ride against each other simultaneously. You can view your position and those of others in the progress bar, as well as the time and distance differences.