Maintenance & Support

Regularly check if all connections are tight, particularly the fixing bolt. It might be necessary to tighten it a little. Check the crank bolts as well.

Clean the Praxtour bike and console after using it with a moist towel, optionally with a non-corrosive cleaning agent. Clean the touchscreen daily with a dry towel, with some breath if necessary.

Software detection
Your product is carefully tested and checked for defects. Even so, some small problems may occur. The software will detect and display any occurring malfunctions, so that you can often solve them yourself. Sometimes a simple restart is all it takes. New systems, from the second quarter of 2016 onwards, will have a remote control.

Click here to solve the most occurring problems.

Malfunction service
If any defects are nevertheless occurring, our technical service will solve them as quickly as possible. We request calling your local distributor / dealer or sending an email to We will reach out to you within 1 day to settle the complaint.